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Notepad Sample

The Notepad sample will show you how to create the most simple setup using Qsetup Installation Suite.
This sample setup will install only one file "NOTEPAD.EXE", which can normally be found in the Windows directory (C:\WINDOWS).
When creating this sample we have added or modified information only where it is absolutly necessary, all other information is based on QSetup defaults.

Project Page

This is the starting page of our setup.

Please note that we were very careful to fill ALL the first 6 items.
We have checked the Automatic option for Program Version: so the composer constantly updates the version number by reading the target executable. We could have left this option unchecked and fill this field manually.

We are not using Split Setup and Non SFX Files so we left these two options unchecked.

We did not check the Laguage Support option so that our setup will only display the default english text during setup.

Display Page

This page is used to design the background of the setup as well as some general parameters of the setup dialog.

Note that the text in the Top Label was added automatically from the definition of the Program Descriptive Name field in the Project page.

Files Page

This page is used to define what files will be included in the setup delivery and their directory arrangment on the target computer.

The text MIKrosoft in the Application Folder and Common Folder was added automatically from the definition of the Company Name field in the Project Page.

Inside the <Application Folder> we have added the directory NotepadSample, and inside this directory we have added the file notepad.exe from the directory: C:\WINDOWS

An alternative arrangement is displayed in the next image, both arrangements will provide the same result when the program is actually installed on the target machine.

Dialogs Page

In this page we select what dialogs the end user will encounter during setup. Out of the 12 dialogs that QSetup offers we use only 8 - the default ones.
On this page we must also select the proper LICENSE and README files.

Switches Page

This page is left as is - only the default options are selected.

Shortcuts Page

In this page we define the various shortcuts that Notepad Setup will install on the target machine.

Beside the default Start Menu shortcut we also checked the Desktop shortcut.

The text in the Main Shortcut Folder field and Desktop field was added automatically from the definition of the Program Descriptive Name field in the Project page.


The following images shows all the dialogs that our user will encounter during the setup process.

We are using Modern Style dialogs and the default images of the program.


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