Vista Support

We have tested QSetup version 8.X & 9.X on Vista Beta 2 (build 5384).

When adjusting QSetup to run under Vista, we had to deal with 2 major issues:
1. A new feature of Vista called "User Account Control".
2. Visualization problems.

User Account Control

In an attempt to increase security Vista is prompting the user every time he tries to run an executable that the word setup or install is included in its name or version information.

The prompt is similar to the following one:

User Account Control

This prompt is rather annoying as Vista will keep prompting every time you run this executable, and not only for the first time.

To confront this problem we changed the names of our executables as follows:
1. "QSetup.exe" renamed to "Composer.exe".
2. "Setup.exe" renamed to "Engine.exe".
3. Also we made sure that the default UnInstallation executable will not include the word install.


Vista is equipped with a new graphic engine, this has created several problems. We were able to deal with most of them. However the following 2 issues are not completely solved yet:
1. All graphic buttons in the Composer do not display their image in full color.
2. The files list on the "Files" page is displayed only in black.

We believe these 2 issues are inherent in the Vista graphic engine. We hope they will be solved with future versions of Vista. In any case those issues only affect the composer, the setup you deliver to your customers will run on Vista without a problem.